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Interview: Joran van Apeldoorn speaks about the CoronaMelder-app in the Netherlands

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In mid-October, the Dutch government launched the CoronaMelder App to aid with its national contact tracing efforts. However, the privacy, security and effectiveness of the app remain problematic. Joran van Appeldoorn speaks to Folia and NPO Radio 1 about these issues.

“‘The government only looked at how we can best develop an app, not whether we should develop an app. […] It sometimes feels a bit like people expect that we can tackle a pandemic directly in a digital way, because we are more technologically advanced than a hundred years ago.┬áBut more data is not always the solution.”

Joran van Appeldoorn, with other researchers, are investigating of the technological solutions that are being utilised to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of the Digital Transformation of Decision-Making and Information (DTDM) and Communication & The Data Society (ICDS) research agendas.

Read the full interview here.

Listen to the NPO Radio 1 fragment here.