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New Project: Digital Platforms and the Digitisation of Expression and Surveillance

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A new Global Digital Cultures (University of Amsterdam) funded research project, Digital Platforms and the Digitisation of Expression and Surveillance, kicked off in January 2021. The project examines the troubling wave of regulation sweeping across Europe targeting public expression on online platforms, the role of platforms in the facilitation of government surveillance, and how platform practices shape information dissemination. As such, the project casts a light on how platforms’ specific digitisation processes affect public expression and surveillance, which can, in turn, be leveraged by governments for restricting free expression and surveillance purposes. The project approaches the questions from a unique interdisciplinary perspective, bringing together law, political communication, and surveillance studies to outline the issues emerging in relation to platform-government cooperation in Europe.

This year-long interdisciplinary project is a UvA-wide collaboration between three researchers: Ronan Fahy (Institute for Information Law), Judith Möller (Department of Communication Science), and Rocco Bellanova (Institute for Social Science Research).

View more about the project here.