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Panel: RightsCon 2021 “Out of “site,” out of mind? How platform regulation can better protect the human rights of non-users”

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At RightsCon 2021, PhD researcher, Naomi Appelman spoke on a panel titled “”Out of “site,” out of mind? How platform regulation can better protect the human rights of non-users”.

Much attention has been paid to the impacts of content moderation on the human rights of social media users. These impacts have been widely studied, and many regulatory efforts have sought to promote and protect user rights. But what about the rights of non-users? Harmful expression on platforms – such as hate speech, incitement and disinformation – can have profound impacts on the rights and interests of non-users. Indeed, such expression can place individuals and communities already in situations of vulnerability at heightened risk of marginalization or violence. Despite their heightened risk, non-user rightsholders have few options to assert their rights and scant access to remedial bodies, such as the Facebook Oversight Board. This panel discussed the impacts of content moderation and its regulation on non-user rightsholders, the ways in which non-users can assert their rights and seek redress, and how regulation might be more inclusive with respect to non-users, for example, by enhancing access to remedial bodies such as the Oversight Board.

The panel featured experts on human rights and social media regulation from across the globe.

View the panel here.