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Month: July 2021

Podcast: why gig workers are fighting for their data rights

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Political scientist Jill Toh (University of Amsterdam) and law professor Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius (Radboud University) talk about the legal battle fought by Uber and Ola drivers. Why are they taking the algorithms that manage them to court?
The Digital Hearing is a podcast series hosted by the Digital Legal Lab sectorplan and brings you voices, perspectives and ideas on recent events and issues relating to all things law & tech.
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Workshop: Summer School of the European Law School

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The theme for this year’s Summer School of the European Law School hosted by Humboldt-Universität was “Markets, Governance and European Law in the Algorithmic Era”. Online platforms and intermediaries govern commerce and speech, exercising unprecedented influence over the market and the political discourse. The use of algorithms, managing information flows, analysing data, taking decisions, and carrying out transactions, has become an omnipresent reality which transforms capitalism and shapes the socie…

New report: Data after death – legal aspects of digital inheritances

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More than 150,000 people pass away each year in the Netherlands, and about the same number of estates are settled. Almost without exception, the deceased leave behind digital ‘assets’ such as social media accounts, e-mails, documents stored in the cloud and (user rights to) all kinds of media and entertainment. The question that arises is whether the current Dutch legal framework offers sufficient levers to safeguard the private and public interests involved in the settlement of digital estates. To ans…