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Month: December 2021

New report: Tracing the Tracers (AlgorithmWatch)

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A new report by AlgorithmWatch, funded by The European AI Fund, sheds light into how automated decision-making systems have impacted pandemic responses so far. It provides an early global scenario and analysis into ADM-based COVID-19 responses, and goes in-depth into some European countries with essays dedicated to Spain, Greece, Poland, Estonia, and more. It then suggests some recommendations to inform the way forward.
Further information on ADM-based COVID-19 responses can be found on the Tracin…

Conference: Digital Legal Talks 2021

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The Digital Legal Lab hosted the second edition of its annual conference, Digital Legal Talks, on 8 December 2021.
Digital Legal Talks 2021 was an online afternoon packed with keynotes, presentations and discussions on important current issues related to law and digital technologies. The conference had keynote speeches by professor Lilian Edwards (Newcastle University) and professor Ari Ezra Waldman (Northeastern University), and three rounds of breakout sessions with lots of exciting talks by res…