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The DSA Proposal’s Impact on Digital Dominance 

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As the DSA and DMA proposals continue to make their rounds amongst Member States, Ilaria Buri and Joris van Hoboken wrote a piece on Verfassungblog about the current DSA proposal. The post stresses the point that the current economics of content moderation favour very large online platforms and the DSA has the potential to entrench their dominance, to the detriment of fundamental rights. As such, safeguards ought to be strengthen in order to address the concentration of private power online. This post…

Tracing the Tracers PROJECT (AlgorithmWatch)

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‘Tracing the Tracers’ is an ongoing project by AlgorithmWatch that provides a platform to continuously update the public on how automated decision-making systems are being used in Europe — and the rest of the world — in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Ronan Fahy, Naomi Appelman and Jill Toh are contributing to the project, focusing on developments in the Netherlands. View their ongoing news contributions here and here .

Job Posting: PhD Candidate in Digital Justice (Amsterdam Law School)

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Are you looking for a challenging job in a dynamic setting? The Faculty of Law is looking for a PhD candidate in the University Research Priority Area Humane AI.
The Research Area Humane AI and the Amsterdam Law School of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) are looking for a PhD candidate who will conduct research in the area of digital justice. Questions that can be addressed concern the responsible use of AI in the justice sector, the legitimacy of data-driven practices, the role and governance of…

Podcast: why gig workers are fighting for their data rights

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Political scientist Jill Toh (University of Amsterdam) and law professor Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius (Radboud University) talk about the legal battle fought by Uber and Ola drivers. Why are they taking the algorithms that manage them to court?
The Digital Hearing is a podcast series hosted by the Digital Legal Lab sectorplan and brings you voices, perspectives and ideas on recent events and issues relating to all things law & tech.
Listen here .

Workshop: Summer School of the European Law School

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The theme for this year’s Summer School of the European Law School hosted by Humboldt-Universität was “Markets, Governance and European Law in the Algorithmic Era”. Online platforms and intermediaries govern commerce and speech, exercising unprecedented influence over the market and the political discourse. The use of algorithms, managing information flows, analysing data, taking decisions, and carrying out transactions, has become an omnipresent reality which transforms capitalism and shapes the socie…

New report: Data after death – legal aspects of digital inheritances

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More than 150,000 people pass away each year in the Netherlands, and about the same number of estates are settled. Almost without exception, the deceased leave behind digital ‘assets’ such as social media accounts, e-mails, documents stored in the cloud and (user rights to) all kinds of media and entertainment. The question that arises is whether the current Dutch legal framework offers sufficient levers to safeguard the private and public interests involved in the settlement of digital estates. To ans…

Workshop: “An Endless Odyssey? Content moderation without general content monitoring” (DSA Observatory)

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In this workshop held on 30 June 2021 – organized by Ilaria Buri and our other partners at the Amsterdam Law School’s DSA Observatory – we discussed content moderation practices in the light of the prohibition of general monitoring obligations with three top experts in the field: Prof. Pam Samuelson (Berkeley Center for Law & Technology), Dr. David Erdos (University of Cambridge), and Prof. Christophe Geiger (University of Strasbourg).
View the event here .

Event: DSA & Community Content Moderation

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On 22 June 2021, Joris van Hoboken spoke at an online event “Community Content Moderation and the DSA” that focused on three online community platforms: Wikimedia, Reddit and VerticalScope. The speakers discussed how online communities can thrive despite the challenges posed by toxic information and how this fits the DSA proposal.
View the event here .

Panel: RightsCon 2021 “Out of “site,” out of mind? How platform regulation can better protect the human rights of non-users”

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At RightsCon 2021, PhD researcher, Naomi Appelman spoke on a panel titled “”Out of “site,” out of mind? How platform regulation can better protect the human rights of non-users”.
Much attention has been paid to the impacts of content moderation on the human rights of social media users. These impacts have been widely studied, and many regulatory efforts have sought to promote and protect user rights. But what about the rights of non-users? Harmful expression on platforms – such as hate speech, inc…