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New report: Tracing the Tracers (AlgorithmWatch)

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A new report by AlgorithmWatch, funded by The European AI Fund, sheds light into how automated decision-making systems have impacted pandemic responses so far. It provides an early global scenario and analysis into ADM-based COVID-19 responses, and goes in-depth into some European countries with essays dedicated to Spain, Greece, Poland, Estonia, and more. It then suggests some recommendations to inform the way forward.
Further information on ADM-based COVID-19 responses can be found on the Tracin…

Conference: Digital Legal Talks 2021

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The Digital Legal Lab hosted the second edition of its annual conference, Digital Legal Talks, on 8 December 2021.
Digital Legal Talks 2021 was an online afternoon packed with keynotes, presentations and discussions on important current issues related to law and digital technologies. The conference had keynote speeches by professor Lilian Edwards (Newcastle University) and professor Ari Ezra Waldman (Northeastern University), and three rounds of breakout sessions with lots of exciting talks by res…

Expert Seminar: The DSA: Implications for Freedom of Expression

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An expert seminar – organised by the DSA Observatory – took place on 14 October 2021. The focus of the seminar was to address specific aspects and provisions of the Digital Services Act proposal, including proposed amendments, and discuss the implications for freedom expression. The seminar featured interventions from a panel of high-level experts and discussed the DSA in the context of freedom of expression. DTDM researchers Joris van Hoboken and Natali Helberger took part.
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Microtargeted propaganda by foreign actors: An interdisciplinary exploration

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DTDM researcher Ronan Fahy, together with sectorplan colleague Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, Tom Dobber and James Shires, had published an article at the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law. The article, “Microtargeted propaganda by foreign actors: An interdisciplinary exploration “, addresses the use of microtargeting propaganda by foreign actors. It determines the ways in which microtargeted propaganda by foreign actors differ from other forms of foreign propaganda, and how European l…

The Perils of Legally Defining Disinformation

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DTDM researchers Ronan Fahy, Natali Helberger and Naomi Appelman had an article published in the Internet Policy Review titled “The Perils of Legally Defining Disinformation “. It examines the definitions that form the basis of EU disinformation policy, and analyses national legislation in EU member states applicable to the definitions of disinformation, in light of freedom of expression and the proposed Digital Services Act.

The DSA proposal: a critical overview

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DTDM researchers Ilaria Buri and Joris van Hoboken published a discussion paper on the Digital Services Act (DSA) proposal. The paper provides a critical overview of the context and substantive provisions of the DSA proposal, with a particular emphasis on the fundamental rights implications of the rules proposed by the Commission and now subject to the scrutiny and re-drafting of the co-legislators.
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