Digital Transformation of Decision-Making

A research initiative of the Amsterdam Law School


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A list of relevant research publications from the Digital Transformation of Decision-Making team and its affiliates:

van Hoboken, J., van Duin, A., Appelman, N., Fahy, R., Helberger, N., Blom, T., Steel, M., Zarouali, B. & Stringhi, E. (2020). WODC-onderzoek: Voorziening voor verzoeken tot snelle verwijdering van onrechtmatige online content. English summary here.

Fahy, R. & Appelman, N. (2020). Netherlands. In F. Chiusi, S. Fischer, N. Kayser-Bril, & M. Spielkamp (Eds.), Automating Society Report 2020 (pp. 164-175). AW AlgorithmWatch GmbH. Full report in English here.

Appelman, N., Ausloos, J., Drunen, M. van, Helberger, N. (2020). News Recommenders and Cooperative Explainability: Confronting the contextual complexity in AI explanations.

Appelman, N., Toh, J., Fahy, R., & van Hoboken, J. (2020). Techno-optimism and solutionism as a crisis response. In L. Taylor, G. Sharma, A. Martin, & S. Jameson (Eds.), Data Justice and COVID-19: Global Perspectives (pp. 190-195). Meatspace Press.

• Appelman, N., Fahy, R., Helberger, N., Leerssen, P., McGonagle, T., van Eijk, N., & van Hoboken, J. (2020). The legal framework on the dissemination of disinformation through Internet services and the regulation of political advertising. A report for the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Amsterdam, December 2019). English version here.

• Araujo, T. B., Helberger, N., Kruikemeier, S., & de Vreese, C. H. (2020). In AI we trust? Perceptions about automated decision-making by artificial intelligence. AI & Society.

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van Hoboken, J. (2020). The Privacy Disconnect, in Human Rights in the Age of Platforms. Jørgensen, R.F. (ed.). Cambridge: The MIT Press, 255-284.

• Dobber, T., Fahy, R., & Zuiderveen Borgesius, F. (2019). The regulation of online political micro-targeting in Europe. Internet Policy Review, 8(4).

Appelman, N., Fahy, R., Helberger, N., Leerssen, P., McGonagle, T., van Eijk, N., van Hoboken, J. (2019). De verspreiding van desinformatie via internetdiensten en de regulering van politieke advertenties. Rapport in opdracht van het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties, bijlage bij Kamerstuk 2019-2020, 30821, nr. 91, Tweede Kamer.